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Machine learning based high resolution weather measurements and forecasts

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We monitor & forecast rainfalls

HD Rain offers rain measurements and forecasts at high resolution, based on an innovative technology. We are able to make rainfall measurements over an area with an accuracy of 500 meters per minute.
In developed countries, we bring high resolution, fast deploying system and improve radar coverage.
In developing countries, we bring affordable & easy to deploy solution with a robust & maintainable system.

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About HD Rain

Meet HD Rain in Foundation Season 2
Startup documentary directed by Olivier Blaecke

Ruben Hallali
in Tech&Co TV Show on BFM Business (03.05.20)

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High Resolution

Spatial accuracy of 500 m
Time step of 1 min

Easy Installation

Fast to deploy
Frequency agreement free


Thanks to low cost hardware
and wonderful algorithms

Robust System

Distributed system
Easy maintenable

How It Works

How It Works ?

We developed a low-cost sensor which opportunistically measures rainfall through its influence on waves coming from TV-satellites.
Deployed as a network and coupled with dedicated algorithms, it allows measuring and anticipating rainfall up to 2 hours in advance on the covered area.
We produce weather maps minute-by-minute with a 500 meters accuracy.


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realtime rainmap

Realtime map

Get high resolution map in real time!

forecast rainmap

Forecast maps

Get forecast maps up to 2 hours and local graphes

statistical maps

Statistical maps

Get periodic rainfall maps


photo Francois

François Mercier


Engineer in applied math
& PhD in atmospheric sciences

photo Ruben

Ruben Hallali


Engineer in meteorology
& PhD in atmospheric sciences

photo Duminda

Duminda Ratnayake


Engineer in electronics & robotics

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