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Monitor and forecast


In many places around the globe, flooding is something we are not able to anticipate. It is something that we only respond to once it has already occurred. This is due to a lack of easily-available and relevant data. HD Rain brings you the final brick of rain prediction.
We offer solutions to monitor and forecast rainfall events. Based on an innovative system, we are able to make rainfall measurements over an area with an accuracy of 500 meters by the minute.


Helping you to manage rainfalls

Early Warning Service

Powered with HD Rain data, we propose Weather Alerts in case of heavy rain or flash flood events. We will notify you and your users, instantly on their mobile devices, 1 to 2 hours in advance in case of a dangerous event coming.

Water Resource Management

With very accurate dataset, we deliver a water resource management tool for agriculture and logistics around farms. We will help you in your decision-making process for irrigation, sow, harvest and picking.


Opportunistic use of satellite transmissions

Based on an innovative system, we are able to make rainfall measurements over an area with a spatial resolution of 500 meters and a 1 minute time step. The technology was first experimented in a french laboratory (LATMOS) and is currently deployed over Toulouse.


100 times more accurate spatial resolution than traditional solutions

Installation time

We install the necessary infrastructure 100 times faster

Infrastructure and upkeep costs

100 times cheaper in infrastructure investment and 10 times in system maintenance

Our Amazing Team

Ruben Hallali

CEO, engineer in meteorology and PhD in atmospheric sciences

François Mercier

CTO, engineer in applied mathematics and PhD in atmospheric sciences

Duminda Ratnayake

Electronic Lead Architect, Electronics and Robotics developments

Irène Aurenote

Forecaster, if you tell me where you are, I will tell you if it's going to rain ☔


Planned covered cities

  • Toulouse


    Our first system is currently deployed over Toulouse (France).

  • Manaus, Brazil

    T3 2018

  • Atheens


  • Abidjan


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